I have been providing knitting patterns free of charge since 2004. The diaper soaker pattern is downloaded on average 100 times a day and has been translated into 6 languages.

Please consider a contribution to the continuing development of free patterns.

CURLY PURLY EGG Any yarn, any gauge, this ridiculously simple egg pattern is fun for springtime decorating. Can easily be turned into Bluebird, above, when you're finished with eggs.

BLUEBIRD On, errata on Ravelry. Tip: when you're finished with your eggs from the pattern below, follow this pattern to "hatch" them into birds.

CURLY PURLY PUMPKIN Any yarn, any gauge, this ridiculously simple pumpkin pattern is fun for autumn decorating.

DROPPED YARN OVER SCARF A recipe for creating a deceptively simple scarf using any yarn at any gauge.

CURLY PURLY SOAKER Including instructions for the pleated waistband for use on any pattern.