"I am so excited to hear that you will be opening a shop! That's great news! As if I need more soakers, but I can't really resist. I especially love your pleated no-tie design. Fits like a glove! Good luck as you open your store." - Shannon

"The soaker arrived today and I adore it. It fits Kai so well, it is the best fitting soaker we have for her now! I adore the ribbed leg cuffs and how it fits like shorts. It's very trim too! Um... will you be offering that pattern any time soon? Or should I get on your list again? LOL I need more!" - Kate

"I've got to rave about your talents. Carter's wool pants are the bestest ever. The workmanship is flawless, the fit is perfect, and they work well. No wet baby *ever* when he's worn these pants! Everone who sees them comments on them; How cute they are, how soft they are. I get tons of who made those for you?" We love 'em! - Joelle

"haiku to Marnie's knitting prowess:

her talent is tops
her yarns are always gorgeous
plus she's fun and nice

Marnie's soakers keep
small tushies dry and happy
and are cute to boot

the orange nattybear
makes young natty smile each day
as they dance and hug" - Martha

Marnie has generously shared several simple, useful and fun patterns free for everyone to use. These patterns are well written with clear directions which make them suitable for anyone to use, from the most inexperienced knitter to the most able. I love her soaker and waistband patterns so much that I bought the proverbial 'cow' and have a licence for both (and also have knitted several for my own children). - Ruth

I have two bears and a bunny handknit by Marnie. They are so cute! My kids love them. The knitting is impeccable! Marnie's designs are original and so unique! - Jennifer

Look for more reviews at your favorite diapering sites and forums such as Mothering.com.

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