P O L L Y    P O L I P O    P A T T E R N

Use any yarn you'd like to create this adorable cuddly toy! Knit at 4 stitches to the inch, this pattern gives you an octopus that measures 5" high, 10" around, with 4" legs. Knit at a smaller gauge for a pocket-sized polipo, or choose a super bulky yarn for a big one!

Knit in the round, this pattern uses basic techniques and is easily accomplished by knitters of all skill levels. Stuff it with wool for an all-natural toy, or use polyfill or even yarn scraps. A quick knit, using about 2 ounces of your favorite yarn, Polly Polipo makes a great gift for kids of all ages (even grown up ones).

The pattern can be purchased for $7.50 with Paypal and downloaded immediately. For other payment methods, contact me using the link below.

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C O N T A C T    M E    |   W H E R E    T O    B U Y   |   O N L I N E    S T O R E    |    G A L L E R Y

I N F O   |   T I P S    |    P A T T E R N S   |    B L O G   |   F E E D B A C K

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