T H E    P R O F E S S O R

W H A T    C A N    I    D O ?

Please send Nat's family your best thoughts and healing energy. They need our strength right now. Whenever you think of it, close your eyes and take a moment to feel your own inner force and send it along. If you participate in formal religious celebrations, please ask the congregation to send their thoughts. If you'd like suggestions on ceremonies you can perform yourself, please contact me. Human energy is vital; it is living.

And last, while money doesn't solve anything, I just don't want Nat's family to have any extra worries right now. So if you're feeling as helpless as I am, and you'd like to contribute, please use one of these buttons to donate through Paypal. If you'd prefer a different form of donation, please contact me at the address in the links below.

A group of artisans will band together to offer auctions and raffles to raise some money for the Professor. Please visit the headquarters of the Fiber Arts Avengers to learn about how to donate or how to shop the auctions.

Immediate expenses include the hospital deductible and co-payments, costs of complementary treatments, as well as all of the travel and funeral costs. Thank you.

Please use this button for all credit card payments.

Please use this button for funded Paypal payments. This assures that Nat's family can use all of the money you donate without having credit card fees withheld.

Some designers have donated proceeds from the sales of their patterns to Nat's family. Please consider buying one or all of these patterns.

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