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This pattern is being provided to you free of charge for your personal use.

If you would like to sell items made using this pattern for profit you will need to license the pattern. Please contact me for licensing information including information regarding special licenses for charity donations.

Please consider a contribution to the continuing development of this and other upcoming Curly Purly free patterns.

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Yes, it's true that I used to suggest sending me chocolate as a donation for my patterns. However, since I've heard about child slavery in the cocoa industry, I'm boycotting chocolate products from companies that cannot guarantee that child slavery is not a part of their farming process. Many companies can offer this guarantee, and I wholeheartedly support them in their chocolate production by eating as much of their chocolate as I can. And I urge you to do the same.


You can knit this scarf at any gauge. I recommend using needles 3 sizes larger than you would use to get a typical knit fabric. The sample is using a thick and thin merino yarn typically knit by me on size 8 needles. I used size 11 needles for this project.

T H E   P A T T E R N

Knit a gauge swatch using your large needles to determine the number of stitches you'll need for the width of scarf you're interested in. This number of stitches will be called X.

CO X stitches.
row 1: knit across. turn.
row 2: *k1 YO* repeat to last stitch, knit.
row 3: knit all stitches, dropping the yarnovers without working them.
row 4: knit all stitches.

Repeat until scarf is the length you desire. This pattern will stretch in length significantly when blocked, so be aware that your scarf will grow after it's been completed.


Make a toddler-sized scarf.
Knit a rectangle wide enough to go around your neck, and about 8" high. seam up the back for a lightweight neck warmer without the bulk of a scarf.
This stitch pattern is simple yet really allows the yarn itself to shine. Experiment with dropped yarnovers, and let me know what you create!

F I N A L    W O R D S

This pattern is an evolutionary work. Knitting, as any knitter knows, is an intuitive art. I am working to make these patterns available at no charge so that everyone can benefit from my experiements. If you find errors, have suggestions, or modifications, you are asked under the license of this free pattern to submit them so that everyone can benefit from your experience.

This pattern is available to you without charge. Please do not sell or distribute works made using this pattern. Please do point people to this page and encourage them to make their own!

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