Are you a Wooly Wonder Blabbermouth?

Welcome to the home of the blogring for members of the Wooly Wonder forums! If you don't know about the forums, go for a visit and check them out.

Our forum host, Pam Grossman, is the mastermind behind Wooly Wonder, encouraging people to knit their own darn soakers - offering classes, patterns, and of course, community space and support.

Though originally a space for knitters of wool soakers (cloth diaper covers), the forums have grown into a community of all kinds of yarn lovers, including hookers. And people who have never heard of a soaker. Until now, of course.

If you're a Wooly Wonder forums member or regular, and you have a blog, join our blogring! If you want a button to promote the forums on your site, or your blog if you have one but you don't want to join the ring for some strange reason, grab a button and link it back to the forums.

Marnie, who is a major WWF junkie, dreamed up this blogring because she felt discriminated against for not being on xanga and joining that WWF blogring. You can be a member of both. If you want to.

Copy and paste this code to your site, then click on "Join" in order to join the ring. The code must be on your site before it can be added to the ring.

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